About Us

There are a lot of people all around us. In this mob we sometimes see some animals also. Whenever any animal is seen in any trouble, people often tend to ignore it. But we WSARS people are someway different. We try to put our life at stake to rescue those creatures who can't yell for help. When there is nobody to hear there soundless voice, we listen to their scream. Because someone has to be humans to keep humanity alive.

We are a non profit organization working on welfare of wild and street animals since 2002. The founder Mr. Padam Singh Rathore is a renowned personality in this field who is honored by many govt. & non govt organizations for his work.

The Rescue King !

Mr. Padam Sing Rathore is working since 2001 for the welfare of wild animals. He is the founder of WSARS which was established to take the cause of Wild Animals welfare and rehabilitation. He is popularly name as the 'The Rescue King'.

Today there is large team of volunteers who are with him in this cause.